Proper MINDSET, TRAINING and PREPARATION is key to protect yourself and family. America is showing their desire to do just this!

According to America’s 1st Freedom August 2019 edition …
In 1999 there were 2.7 million Americans with concealed handgun carry permits.
By 2007 there were 4.6 million
In 2011 there were 8 million
By 2014 there were 11.1 million
In 2017 there were 17.25 million
In 2018, some 7.14% of American adults had permits and an unknown number were carrying in the 16 states that now allow some type of “permitless” or “constitutional carry”.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? FLORIDA is the #1 state issuing concealed carry permits (1.9 million), followed by TEXAS at 1.3 million.

The top five states in terms of the percentage of people with carry concealed permits are:
1. ALABAMA (22.1%)
2. INDIANA (17.9%)
3. SOUTH DAKOTA (17.2%)
4. PENNSYLVANIA (13.49%)
5. GEORGIA (13.28%)

37.6% of woman said they always carry
48% of men surveyed said they always carry
70.1% of women obtained their license in the past 5 years
54.4% of men obtained their license in the past 5 years
80.5% indicated SELF DEFENSE as their reason for obtaining a permit

Keep in mind bad guys don’t use ONLY guns — they use whatever they can to harm or kill as many as possible (vehicles, knives, planes, boats, explosives). STAY ALERT. If you see something, say something.