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Would recommend to anybody! 10/10

I cannot say enough good things about Tina. She immediately made me feel comfortable and confident. Having been 16+ years since I last shot a gun, she made me feel like I’ve been doing it forever. She is very knowledgeable but never made me feel like I was less than for not knowing as much. It was worth every.single.penny to work with her. Hands down, would recommend to anybody! 10/10

-A. King, Plano, TX


I can’t say enough good things about Tina, and her instruction prowess, style and especially empathy. I have been trying for several years to convince my grown daughter to give shooting lessons another try after a very traumatic experience with an NRA Instructor @ a Women on Target Session in San Diego 10 years ago. I explained this to Tina, and after a very frank discussion about my daughter’s apprehension, I purchased 2 sessions with Tina for my daughter. Tina and my daughter had a very personal discussion about her concerns and moved forward to schedule her sessions. I decided to take my daughter to Eagle Gun Range the night before her first session, just to have her sit in the back of the range while I shot my pistol and familiarize her with the Range and especially the sounds. It made her first session with Tina much more effective. Tina told me that she would start off with a. 22 cal pistol since my daughter had never shot pistol before.

I went to the Range with my daughter for her first session, just to be in the area for moral support and to practice with my pistols. What happened in this first session with Tina, was so beyond my expectation, it will sound like an over-exaggeration, but it in fact happened. After I finished my own shooting. I went out to the Lobby and was able to watch my daughter shooting with Tina on the overhead video cam. After a few minutes of watching, I thought that the muzzle blast seemed a little more robust, than a . 22 cal. but passed it off as camera angle, etc. About an hour later Tina and my daughter finished the 2 hour session and came out to the lobby, all smiles. My daughter then told me that for the entire 2 hour session, she had been shooting Tina’s Glock 9mm!! This was truly one of the proudest moments of my life!! To be able to watch my daughter, under Tina’s instruction, overcome her fear of shooting and do so with a 9mm for the first time in her life, was an incredible moment for me as her Dad! On the way home in the car that night, she told me she actually felt calm!

Without question, If you’ve been trying to convince your wife, daughter or friend to take shooting lessons, Tina is an outstanding, effective and empathetic firearm instructor!!

-R. Briscoe, McKinney, TX

License To Carry Proficiency Exam

Tina was awesome!! Im a novice gun owner working towards my LTC. Tina was my instructor for my proficiency exam and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She was so thorough and made me feel really comfortable. She took the time to walk through each step of the exam and I couldn’t be calmer!! Aced with flying colors and it was unlike most tests, enjoyable and pretty rewarding. Thanks Tina!! Highly recommended!!!

-Mike Palmese, Frisco, TX

Totally recommend

very lovely and kind, made it a really comfortable experience! would totally recommend this course with Tina to anyone looking to get their LTC for their proficiency test! in fact i’ve already recommended a couple of friends! Thank you Tina!

-Kagan Jeffries, Plano, TX

Look No Further

Tina is so bubbly and fun from the minute you talk to her on the phone and she’s even better in person. I really appreciate that I learned so much in only 90 minutes. Tina is a blast! She is so much fun and makes learning easy. She is my first encounter with an instructor here in Dallas and she is my last instructor. She is awesome! I look forward to seeing her again soon and I will take the Licensed to Carry class with her come the first of the year. Looking for a great instructor? Look no further.

-G.M. - Dallas, TX

Look No Further!

Tina’s class was very educational and entertaining, you won’t be bored that’s for sure. If you’re looking for an LTC class look no further. Highly recommended

-Jesse Nieto, Frisco, TX

Best Ever !

Best class and teacher I have ever had!!!

-J. Darling, McKinney, TX

Above & Beyond !

Tina is an amazing instructor to work with. I truly felt I gained a sense of knowledge and confidence during my one on one session, not to mention the fact that I enjoyed the entire experience. If you are considering any firearm training schedule with Tina she goes above and beyond to help better educate and protect yourself.

-J.H. from Celina, TX

There can’t possibly be anyone better at teaching

I’ve known Tina personally & professionally for many years and am honored to call her a good friend. That being said, I had no experience with guns and had no idea that she had this business, but there can’t possibly be anyone better at teaching this course. She combines professionalism & expertise with great stories, humor, wonderful listening skills & real life examples to make her points. I just completed the 4 hour classroom portion of the qualification which I was dreading, but the time just flew & I really enjoyed it; doubt I would have felt that way with another instructor. Simply can’t give her higher marks or a stronger recommendation if you have any interest in getting your LTC or just learning about guns & how to shoot. Thanks Tina!!

-Larry Delzell, Plano, TX

If you are looking for the best …..

Wow! What can I say about Tina except that she is amazing, exceptional, tremendous, passionate and funny to boot!

My wife took Tina’s LTC class and raved about her! I had been wanting to get my LTC too, but just couldn’t seem to find the time or motivation to get it done. Based on my wife’s awesome experience with Tina….I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended).

Absolutely the best decision I could have made! Tina reached out to me before my scheduled qualification session and training class to get a feel for my current level of experience and just to get to know me a bit before we met. A very nice touch that most instructors don’t take the time to do. When we were at the range, she spent time with me before my actual qualification giving me pointers/tips and reassuring me not to be nervous and that I would do great. That really put my mind at ease and helped me to score a 225 out of 250 on my qualification!
A couple of weeks later, I attended her 4 hour LTC class on a Sunday. I know I know, ugghhh! A four hour class and on a Sunday to boot….but, Tina made it fun and exciting and it was over before I knew it!!!!
Her love and passion for shooting really shine through in her teaching and she truly cares at a personal level for her students, and that they become responsible gun owners and carriers.
If you are looking for the best, I highly highly recommend Tina for your gun training and personal safety needs of any kind!!!

-Brian Anderson, Plano, TX

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