Effective May 1, 2024, the State of Texas requires one hour of range instruction prior to taking the LTC range qual. This class is 1.5 – 2 hours maximum. It is designed for students who have taken the 4 hour LTC online or classroom instruction and now need to complete the Proficiency Demonstration (live fire shooting test). Students will have a Form LTC-104 (not old form LTC 101). It is helpful but not necessary for students to have prior knowledge and experience with a handgun and be able to demonstrate safe pistol handling techniques while loading, firing and unloading a firearm without assistance from others. The range qual is a test of proficiency and accuracy with a pistol under time. NO HANDGUN INSTRUCTION IS PROVIDED DURING THE TEST. Once test begins, be prepared to display complete knowledge of how to run your gun and complete the course of fire as required by State of Texas standards, on demand.

Range Qual is either pass or fail. Can be administered a maximum of two times, back-to-back. If no passing score is achieved, a re-test may be scheduled at a later date for an additional charge. Failure to pass the test will NOT entitle you to a refund.

Students have 30 days from date of purchase to schedule. Student must bring:
* Effective May 1 must have form LTC-104. Prior to this date Form LTC 101.
* Firearm (rentals available at additional charge)
* 1 magazine that fits firearm you bring. (preferably a mag that holds 10 rounds)
* 100-200 rounds of ammo (rounds for training and 50 rounds for range qual. Ammo may be available for purchase from range at time of session)
* Eye and Ear Protection (rentals available at additional charge)

RANGE FEE: Students pay range fee
RESCHEDULE: May reschedule up to one time. Student must reschedule 48 hours prior to range appointment. All fees are applied toward cost of new class.
REFUNDS: If applicable, refunds are issued via payment method received.
NO SHOW: Students who do not show to class without prior 48-hour notice forfeit total registration fees.

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