Taking the first step by signing up for firearm training was daunting to say the least. In my first conversation with Tina over the phone she was quite aware of my nervousness and she instantly filled me with confidence by assuring me she would guide me in each step of my journey towards responsible firearm ownership. Once I scheduled my first session for TXS2 training, I tried to talk myself out of attending several times before my first class. Once meeting Tina at the range she immediately eased my anxiety (no one wants a nervous shooter!) She patiently explained the different types of handguns, the pros and cons of each, and promised me that she would let me try each one until I found the one I was most comfortable with. The thing that impressed me the most about Tina was her patience and her persistence in teaching confidence and correct methods, even if it meant running over the allotted time. I never felt rushed and left with confidence in my ability to protect myself. Her firearm instruction is above reproach! After two sessions I am resolute in my choice of handguns and have already improved my aim. If you are considering firearm training, do yourself a favor and schedule a session with Tina at TXS2. You will be glad you did!