Wow! What can I say about Tina except that she is amazing, exceptional, tremendous, passionate and funny to boot!

My wife took Tina’s LTC class and raved about her! I had been wanting to get my LTC too, but just couldn’t seem to find the time or motivation to get it done. Based on my wife’s awesome experience with Tina….I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended).

Absolutely the best decision I could have made! Tina reached out to me before my scheduled qualification session and training class to get a feel for my current level of experience and just to get to know me a bit before we met. A very nice touch that most instructors don’t take the time to do. When we were at the range, she spent time with me before my actual qualification giving me pointers/tips and reassuring me not to be nervous and that I would do great. That really put my mind at ease and helped me to score a 225 out of 250 on my qualification!
A couple of weeks later, I attended her 4 hour LTC class on a Sunday. I know I know, ugghhh! A four hour class and on a Sunday to boot….but, Tina made it fun and exciting and it was over before I knew it!!!!
Her love and passion for shooting really shine through in her teaching and she truly cares at a personal level for her students, and that they become responsible gun owners and carriers.
If you are looking for the best, I highly highly recommend Tina for your gun training and personal safety needs of any kind!!!