Tina went above and beyond what I was expecting for my LTC certification. I attended a concealed carry class over 10 years ago and you could tell that they were there to just collect your money and stamp your paperwork. She works to have more responsible people in the world should you choose to carry a handgun on you. Tina allowed me time to get comfortable with the range and worked through the entire process. She made sure that I was ready and understood what the expectations were. When I was going through my practice rounds, she helped through some fundamentals that I was overlooking to help correct the issues that she was noticing. Tina was very responsive to any questions that I had prior to meeting her at the range and provided me with all of the information that I needed pre-test and post-test. Since she administers a complete LTC course, she knows the deficiencies of the online courses and fills those voids. She offers personal coaching that I will definitely be looking into to improve my marksmanship. Thank you, Tina! I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me and helping me get my LTC.