I can’t say enough good things about Tina, and her instruction prowess, style and especially empathy. I have been trying for several years to convince my grown daughter to give shooting lessons another try after a very traumatic experience with an NRA Instructor @ a Women on Target Session in San Diego 10 years ago. I explained this to Tina, and after a very frank discussion about my daughter’s apprehension, I purchased 2 sessions with Tina for my daughter. Tina and my daughter had a very personal discussion about her concerns and moved forward to schedule her sessions. I decided to take my daughter to Eagle Gun Range the night before her first session, just to have her sit in the back of the range while I shot my pistol and familiarize her with the Range and especially the sounds. It made her first session with Tina much more effective. Tina told me that she would start off with a. 22 cal pistol since my daughter had never shot pistol before.

I went to the Range with my daughter for her first session, just to be in the area for moral support and to practice with my pistols. What happened in this first session with Tina, was so beyond my expectation, it will sound like an over-exaggeration, but it in fact happened. After I finished my own shooting. I went out to the Lobby and was able to watch my daughter shooting with Tina on the overhead video cam. After a few minutes of watching, I thought that the muzzle blast seemed a little more robust, than a . 22 cal. but passed it off as camera angle, etc. About an hour later Tina and my daughter finished the 2 hour session and came out to the lobby, all smiles. My daughter then told me that for the entire 2 hour session, she had been shooting Tina’s Glock 9mm!! This was truly one of the proudest moments of my life!! To be able to watch my daughter, under Tina’s instruction, overcome her fear of shooting and do so with a 9mm for the first time in her life, was an incredible moment for me as her Dad! On the way home in the car that night, she told me she actually felt calm!

Without question, If you’ve been trying to convince your wife, daughter or friend to take shooting lessons, Tina is an outstanding, effective and empathetic firearm instructor!!